Nigerian Gospel Singer Sola Allyson Visits Veteran singer Ebenezer Obey

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Nigerian Gospel Singer Sola Allyson Visits Veteran singer Ebenezer Obey

Sola Allyson is a highly respected and talented Nigerian gospel singer and songwriter who rose to stardom after releasing her first hit album in the year 2003 titled “Eji Owuro” (Morning Dew) which talks about lovers showing each other unfeigned and pure love. The song which was said to be a soundtrack for a movie then with the same title, was among the most played song then that graced our tv stations and radio stations. After gaining the ground she released other Albums like Gbeje Fori (Be patient with destiny), Ire (Goodness), Imoore (gratitude), and others which were also a huge success. She’s well known for her catchy voice and powerful vocals that will definitely sweep you off your feet. She has then worked so hard and has built a strong reputation and platform for herself in the gospel music industry.


Furthermore, She has worked with lots of Nigerian singers majorly as a back-up singer for Yinka Ayefele, Daddy Showkey, and others before her popularity. Sola Allyson has been a consistent singer down the years always feeding her fans with great music. She got married in the year 2003 in March after she met her husband Toyin Obaniyi who was also a choir in the church and they have been blessed with three wonderful children.

Sola Allyson, according to her said she

“I got a whisper from The Spirit to go and honor the legendary 78-year old Chief Ebenezer Obey-Fabiyi who has been in the music industry for over 60 years and whose music made part of my growing up.

I called Laitan Dada and Emmaohmygad and they were happy to go. We went as simple as can be.

We were very excited as little children, of course! It shows in this video😁😁

He was so joyful that we came and that’s the joy therein for us”.

Considering the current situation of the country now where people have been forced to stay at home due to the deadly coronavirus pandemic, which has in turn affected many people, businesses, and sectors in the country. The entertainment sector especially the Music sector is greatly affected by this, in terms of closed shows, performances, and bookings due to the ban on public gatherings. However, Sola Allyson decided to spend the time wisely by paying a visit to the music icon in his house with some of his band crew.

It was obviously a great and memorable day for the veteran singer and Sola herself with her crew. The veteran singer Evang. Ebenezer Obey who was filled with joy received the visitors and make them feel welcomed. He started by narrating how he came about doing music, his challenges and victories.

On the other hand, Nigerian veteran and highly respected juju singer turned gospel singer and minister Ebenezer Remilekun Aremu Olasupo-Fabiyi Popularly known as Evang. Ebenezer Obey was born on April 3rd in the year 1942 in a small town called Idogo in Ogun State, Nigeria. He started his music career in the mid-1950 after relocating to Lagos. He has indeed played a vital role in the reformation and revolution of the kind of music we have now. His music is filled with wise and deep meanings which made him earned a lot of respect from his fans which they started calling the “Chief Commander”. Most of his songs are something that happens around us so we all can always relate to it.

It got to a point where one of Baba song was telling a story about a man and his son who decided to embark on a journey with their horse. And Laitan was like, just mere hearing the song you already have the picture and imagination of the scene in your head. Also he described Baba as a Legend and one who has great song writing skills, and he couldn’t compare any one with him.

The visit was spiced up by Sola Allyson band Laitan & Dada who were busy supporting the song with their clap of hands and groove. They couldn’t hide their joy as they were seen digging up some old songs of the veteran musician which was also graced by Sola Allyson keyboardist Emmaohmygad. They virtually sang all baba’s classics song one after day other, leaving baba smiling all through. Solla Allyson on the other hand was backing up the songs and makes it clear to his band that she’s been listening to baba song before they grew up…she also said in her write up that, baba song has been part of her childhood has really contributed to what she is now.

It was an unforgettable day for both parties. Especially the veteran singer which was able to refresh his wonderful memories and songs. We can easily tell from his facial expression when his songs were sung words for words that he felt so proud and valued. He was great all through, singing all his songs along with them. As my friend Ogedengbe Ifeoluwa said “Baba Is full of Vibe”,

However, both parties couldn’t get enough of each other which made them suggested taking baba back to the studio so they can work together again to produce some Albums from baba evergreen songs as Laitan joked they could remake a whooping 10 Albums from Baba songs.

Meanwhile, the visitation which was, of course, recorded and captured to bless every viewer has been getting thousands of streams and reactions all over the world since it was uploaded. Thumbs up to our dear Sola Allyson for giving us these priceless moments, as we hope other artistes can emulate this kind of gesture.

In conclusion, Baba credited all the present time gospel singers as he made them know that he do listen to their songs. This statement made Sola Allyson to quickly ask baba if he has heard her latest Album? Baba replied no and she quickly ordered for some of her Album copies to be brought out, and she later gave Baba some of the copies. She jokinly said if Baba wants 100 copies she would be honoured to give him.

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