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Grace Lokwa is an anointed and highly talented gospel singer from Dr Congo who has been blessing lives with his amazing sounds. He was born on the 13th of November.

The fast-rising Gospel artist who has become a vessel in the hands of God to bless the world with an amazing song. Grace Lokwa has been currently trending and making lots of headlines on all over the internet and social media platforms lately since his hit single Kumama Papa’s became the trend of the day, especially on TikTok.

Grace Lokwa is a Congolese gospel singer and worshiper and instrumentalist. Grace happens to be the composer/writer of the hit single “Kumama Papa eh” which means “Yahweh be praised in English”.

Grace Lokwa became popular after prinx Emmanuel “God No Go Shame us” crooner posted a video of the song and offered his verse on this song. And since Prinx Emmanuel posted the remix of the hit track kumama papa it has then been trending heavily all over social media platforms, garnering lots of reactions, views, and remixes, especially on Tik Tok social media platforms. This has really put the singer in the global spotlight.

A lot of celebrities have begun to share and repost the video of the song including Moses Bliss and so many celebrities both in Nigeria and outside the country started using the song to do a throwback and it made the song go viral.

On the 28 March 2022 Moses Bliss invited Grace Lokwa to his house and Moses started taking care of him since Grace came to Nigeria he has ministered in several churches including streaming of joy Abuja, he was invited by the senior pastor of the church, Pastor Jerry Eze